Services We Offer:


Offering a wide range of patient services:


  • Bone & Joint Rehab

  • Post Surgical Rehab

  • Pre-operative Rehab (Pre-hab)

  • Balance/Gait Training, Fall Prevention

  • Neuro Rehab

  • NeuFit Provider

  • Conservative Arthritis Management

  • Back/Neck Pain and Headache

  • Aquatic Therapy

  • Nutrition Counseling

About NeuFit

NEUBIE is NeuFit's patented electrical stimulation device.  It is an acronym for "NEURO-BIO-ELECTRIC STIMULATOR," and is FDA-cleared.  When the NEUBIE is combined with NeuFit protocols, the system provides for new methods of Neuromuscular Re-education.  As we all know, the nervous system controls every muscle movement.  If a movement dysfunction is contributing to your pain, keeping you injured, limiting your mobility, or robbing you of performance, then the NeuFit System may be able to help you.

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